Inspire Excellence To Hold The 3rd Annual Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon

Inspire Excellence To Hold The 3rd Annual Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon

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Inspire Excellence will hold their 3rd annual Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon on Thursday October 13th, at Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP), in Boise, ID.

What Is Inspire Excellence?

Inspire Excellence is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to honoring inspiring Idahoans. Our organization uses the Inspire Excellence Awards as a fundraising platform to raise funds to be donated to Idaho 501c3 nonprofit organizations as well as internal programs such as the Teens 2 Trades program.

What Are The Inspire Excellence Awards?

Shari Baber, A 2021 Inspire Excellence Award Winner

Annually, Inspire Excellence petitions the public to submit nominations for the Inspire Excellence Awards. We ask everyday people to submit the names and information of Idahoans who inspire, uplift, and serve those around them. After nominations are submitted, our board of directors reviews the submissions and selects 7-9 winners. While many of our nominations and previous winners are associated with non-profit work, we encourage nominations from all walks of life – no matter the nominees’ age, area of work, or scope of impact.  

Winners of the 2022 Inspire Excellence Awards Include:

  • Phillip Thompson
  • Phillip was nominated for his work with the Black History Museum of Idaho. His efforts share truly inspiring stories of Black Idahoans and provide a vitally important voice within the Treasure Valley community.
  • Sue Paul
  • Sue was nominated for her work with the Warhawk Air Museum. As a co-founder, Sue’s work has preserved and expressed the stories of countless veterans. She continues to uplift and serve members of our armed forces in countless meaningful ways.
  • Stacey Hofman
  • Stacey was nominated for her work with Ghana Make A Difference, a non-profit organization she established which provides desperately needed resources to children and families in Ghana, Africa.

Each Inspire Excellence Award winner receives $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, has a professional video showcasing their efforts produced, and receives a handmade physical award created by local artists.

What Is The Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon?

The 2021 Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon

The Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon is our organization’s annual event designed to recognize and honor the IE Award winners and raise funds for various charitable causes, including the Teens 2 Trades program which is operated by Inspire Excellence.

At the event itself, short videos are shown showcasing each winner’s inspiring impact on the community. Funds are raised through table sponsorships which are sold in the months leading up to each year’s luncheon.

Since 2020, over $100,000 has been donated to charitable causes and 18 Idahoans have been recognized at the Awards Luncheon.  

What Is The Teens 2 Trades Program?

The Teens 2 Trades program provides Idaho youth a “line of sight” to a career in the trades. Participants receive special educational experiences centered around career paths within the trades, financial planning, and skills to increase employability. Participants are also eligible to receive a complete scholarship to a workforce development program at the College of Western Idaho (CWI). Under-resourced, under-served, and at-risk youth are given special preference and consideration when scholarships are awarded.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can take part in our mission by sponsoring the Inspire Excellence Awards Luncheon or nominating someone you know to win an Inspire Excellence Award by visiting

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