Director of People Operations

Kent Sager joins BVA as Chief of Staff. He is a creative, forward thinking innovator who has the vision and process-minded cultural approach that enables balancing the why, what and how. Kent has a vast and illustrious background building work teams around the globe designing leadership programs and promoting cultural awareness that explores how individual beliefs and values connect to actions around the larger organizational goals.

Prior to his current role, Kent worked for Fortune 1000 giants Amdahl Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, and Micron Technologies building global business alliances with key partners, vendors and customers. His simple, yet direct and effective approach provides strategic business leadership and vision, creates diverse work teams and establishes operations critical for success in every aspect of the business. Building multiple diverse international start-up work teams is indeed his passion. These invaluable, culturally rich experiences translate to individuals and the greater team’s ability to consistently deliver substantial improvements in our communication, delivery, standardization and performance processes.

Mr. Sager has an engineering degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business. Kent and Debbie are the parents of three sons and six grand-children that bring an element of happiness and assurance of a strong and wonderful work-life balance.