How The New Meridian Topgolf Will Impact One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In Idaho

How The New Meridian Topgolf Will Impact One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In Idaho

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In the summer of 2021, Topgolf announced that they would be adding a new location to their growing list of worldwide venues. The newest Topgolf wouldn’t be in Dubai or New York, but Meridian, Idaho.

Many asked – why Meridian? When will the new location open? And what kind of impact will a Topgolf venue have on the City?

Why “Topgolf Meridian”?

As large white pylons have risen from the ground at the future Topgolf site, a constant “buzz” has been generated in local media about the new recreational golf simulator.

Topgolf is versatile; meaning it can be a fantastic location for a variety of needs, including but not limited to: business lunches and meetings, holiday parties, corporate events, birthday parties, family nights, and a whole other host of events and occasions.

Because of this versatility, Topgolf appeals to a large audience. Meridian provides these audiences, making the location of the new Topgolf an obvious choice. Multifamily housing, suburban neighborhoods, a booming business arena are all brought to the table by the City of Meridian, and Topgolf is now appealing to all.

Eagle View Landing, the development that Topgolf will be located in, was built by Ball Ventures Ahlquist to appeal to the versatility of Meridian. Eagle View Landings unique mix of class a office spaces, retail spaces, hospitality, and multifamily housing all in one sight aligns perfectly with the versatility of both Meridian and Topgolf. Eagle View Landing truly is a place where Meridian residents can live, work, and play – making it a perfect location for a Top Golf Venue. 

All online mentions of Topgolf are met with dozens of comments sharing excitement and wondering the biggest question of them all – when will Topgolf be open for business?

When Will Topgolf Meridian Open?

TopGolf Meridian will open in Q4 of 2022, meaning a November or December launch date.

What Kind of Impact Will Topgolf Have On Meridian?

Bringing in new and exciting business opportunities is what Ball Ventures Ahlquist is all about. Topgolf, much like the development it will be housed in, will bring even more appeal to out of state businesses, and businesses looking to relocate within the Treasure Valley.

The population of the City of Meridian has been growing at a staggering 13% rate for several years. As Meridian and the Treasure Valley grow, having name brand best in class businesses such as Topgolf will offer a sense of scale to new businesses. This idea of name recognition will add validity and purpose to those on the outside looking at Meridian. Boise is a name recognized by those out of state – Topgolf and businesses like it will help make Meridian a known name outside of the state as well.

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