What Is Class A Office Space?

What Is Class A Office Space?

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In the world of commercial real estate, office space is commonly divided into three classes to help buyers more easily navigate the market and listings. These classes are Class A, B, and C. When an office space is assigned a class, it indicates a range of features and amenities to a buyer without having to explicitly list them out. In this ranking system, Class A spaces are the nicest and newest, Class C spaces offer little more than the physical space they advertise, and Class B spaces fall somewhere in the middle.

As previously stated, Class A office space is the most premium type of office space you can buy or lease. These spaces are typically newer, are well maintained, provide premium finishes and furnishings, and also offer modern amenities. These amenities can range from in-office gyms to electric car charging ports in the parking lot. In addition to the space itself, these types of listings are typically found in developments that are in prime locations and surrounded by other great businesses such as restaurants or entertainment facilities. Class A spaces are typically listed at a premium due to the high level of quality and comfortability they offer tenants.

Class B office space is the most versatile of the three rankings. These spaces are typically older, but are still well-maintained and offer basic amenities. Class B space is ideal for tenants looking to balance affordability with quality. While they may not offer as many amenities or be in as prime of locations as Class A, Class B spaces can be a great fit for smaller or newer businesses.

Class C office space is the lowest category of office space in terms of quality and amenities. 

These buildings are often older, located in less desirable areas, and lack modern infrastructure and amenities. Class C office buildings are usually leased by small businesses, non-profits, and startups that are looking for affordable office space. While Class C buildings may be less expensive, they often require more maintenance and have higher operating costs due to their outdated systems.

To summarize, Class A office space is the most premium and prestigious category of office space, offering the highest-quality construction, finishes, and amenities. Class B office space is a step down in terms of quality, but still offers a good balance between quality and affordability. Class C office space is the lowest category of office space, offering the least amount of amenities and infrastructure.

‍At BVA, we specialize in providing Class A office space in some of the most strategic locations in the Treasure Valley. Our best-in-class leasing team can help your business consider its budget, location requirements, and the image you want to project to clients and employees.

To tour our Class A office spaces or learn more about what spaces we offer, reach out to a member of our leasing team today!

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